This is an intro to a portion of the Job Management function.
Via phone, table or desktop, it streamlines the management of
contractor activities that occur on the job site.,
It's ideal for any type of project from small residential
floor installs to a large array of solar panels.

It will reduce overhead and promote transparency
that will improve trust and can be used to
achieve higher website conversions.

Bonus: This can eliminate under-the-table payments to sub-contractors,
an undesireable that creates communication problems and liablity issues.

Within this system, there are three ways to communicate, all based on the same technology, all designed to run from smart phones of any type. (sure, desktops too)

Crew members would have a simple single screen that permits them to submit input in under 30 seconds. This tool, if required to be used, would be a win-win-win as it would require crew members to account for their time and what progress was made each day. From the crew perspective, it would also give them a way to ask for help, when issues outside their control impede their work.

The crew leader would have a similar single screen interface, but would have access to posting status updates and change requests into the system. This is a useful tool for crew leaders as they can quickly bring issues to the table with only a few clicks. Owners/project managers will have a new level of control and communication with their subs, the only requirement being a smart phone.

This is the critical piece because without this, the above benefits would never be achieved. We believe consumers today WANT to be in the loop, digitally. The industry is changing BECAUSE the customer demographic is changing. NOT having a work flow system like this will cause "old school" boots-and-clipboard businesses to soon fade away.

Come on, we all know it: Buyers today do more business online. Regardless of SEO depth, a website alone to broadcast your existence, is no longer good enough.

Most important first: The Customer View