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an open-source system to manage skilled trade projects via proven methods from lead handling through job site completion

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About WorkFlow OS

All I care about: Clients, Crew, Proposals and Job Site Management


People are clients and workers. WorkFlow starts with lead tracking and sales management and extends all the way through jobsite management.


These are the start of every project. WorkFlow makes proposals faster and puts digital signing into the mix. Online document storage. Fast, easy and secure.

Project Management

Via smart phones, crew and client become one. Project managers delight as everyone stays on the same page. Change orders become simple. WorkFlow is a Win-Win-Win.

WorkFlow OS consists of six primary components

All of these "talk to each other" as needed (no data duplication)

Lead Acquistion

Lead generation and handling is the lifeblood of any business. Without this, work flow management has no value. This is easy to customize, works on all devices and connects directly to your own CMS.

Lead Juggler

What you do with leads, how and when they are followed-up is just as important as getting them. You will have rapid distribution to a sales team of any size. Follow-up metrics are a must-have and WorkFlow OS delivers.

Crew Recruiting

After the leads arrive and the sales machine optimized, a solid crew is required. Reality: Crews are always in a state of flux. Turn-over is the norm so recruiting should be 24/7. WorkFlow uses smart form technology to help find the best candidates.


Everyone agrees: More quotes=more revenue. How to do this? Be efficient. Click more, write less. Tap in the numbers and proposals are emailed for instant review and comments. Change orders become effortless.

Online Signing

On-demand is in-demand. Transparency and efficiency, modern buyers want business online. WorkFlow offers flexible/secure online signing module. With secure document storage it's fast and easy; digital approvals will expedite every project.

Job Management

The status of a job is based on multiple inputs. Most important is from the crew. They are the first to see issues. Via a simple phone app, fast and easy input, including image uploads. Overall job status becomes realtime.

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